Capturing moments with cocktails

More than just Drinks

Time to hang out, escape from routine and take the best cocktails in Washington DC.

Glass $13.50
Half $35.50
Pitcher $54.50

De la Casa

Blanco Tequila, Sour Mix, and Triple Sec.

Glass $11.50
Half $28.50
Pitcher $52.50

Super Mega Margarita, 32 oz

Classic Margarita


La Picante

House Tequila Silver, Sour Mix, Jalapeños

Glass $12.50
Half $35.50
Pitcher $54.50

Glass $13.50
Half $32.50
Pitcher $55.50


Gold tequila and Grand Marnier

Glass $14.50
Half $37.50
Pitcher $72.50


Don Julio Blanco, Sour Mix, Pineapple, Mango, Grenadine

Glass $16.50
Half $40.50
Pitcher $75.50


Don Julio Blanco, Grand Marnier and Amaretto

Glass $17.50
Half $41.50
Pitcher $75.50

Glass $17.00
Half $40.50
Pitcher $73.50

Coronita 32 Oz

De la casa con Coronita


Super Mega Flavour


Lime Margarita

Gold Tequila, Sour Mix, Triple Sec

Glass $12.50
Half $30.50
Pitcher $35.50

Flavored Margarita

Strawberry, Mango, Passion, Blackberry

Glass $13.50
Half $31.50
Pitcher $56.50

Matrimonio Margarita

Strawberry and Lime

El Matador Margarita

Glass $13.00
Half $33.00
Pitcher $58.00

Coronita Lime $32.50

32 oz Lime and Coronita

Super Mega Frozen Flavor $32.50

32 Oz Lime and Coronita

Piña Colada $12.50

House Rum and Colada Mix

Daiquiris $12.50

Flavors: Strawberry, Mago, Passion, Blackberry

Super Mega Frozen, $31.50

Miami Vice $12.50

Colada Mix and Strawberry

Crisp off-dry wine with apple blossom, apricot aromas, ripe peach and pear. Great with spicy dishes.

GLASS: $10.50



Delicate yet full, the palate is distinctively lemon and lime with subtle star anise, lemongrass and clove. Richness and weight are balanced with fresh acidity, giving direction and finess.

GLASS: $10.50



Fruit forward style with lush aromas of ripe blackberry and cherry supported by smooth tannins and toasty oak.

French Connection 3oz


Vodka, Triple sec, lime juice, splash cranberry juice.

Flavored Mojito´s

House rum, muddled lime, mint & your choice of mango, passion fruit, pineapple or strawberry.